Contoh pidato tentang perpustakaan ( speech about library ) buatanku

nich q kasih tahu kalian pidato yang q buat saat lomba pidato bahasa inggris di badan perpustakaan kemaren, , selamat menikmati ! !

In the current global era, education is something important. Because education is the root of civilization of a nation. Education has now become a must-have staple for every person able to answer the challenge of obtain education, many ways we can achieve. Among them through the library. Because in the library of the various sources of information we can get, besides many other benefits we can get through the library.

When we hear the word library, in our minds immediately imagined a series of books arranged neatly on the shelves of a room. This opinion seems right, but if we want to consider further, it is not yet complete. Because a stack of books arranged on the shelves of a bookstore can not be called as a library.

Library means a room or building used for storing books and other publications which are usually stored according to specific spatial arrangement that used the reader is not for sale

In the library,resident can gain knowledge as much as possible , from which interest related to common problems

Library can help teacher to find the teaching resources and can help students train towards responsibility and speed up their process of mastery of reading tecniques

Library is repository of knowledge , which for all people without distinction based on any criteria , because the important of the library,the collection of book that are in it should be able to accommodate all parties . .from young until old people

if someone has already feel benefits in the library,its not by compulsion again he entered the library with a smiling heart,because he know that there was something bigger that he will get from the library

There are at least five library functions. First, is the source of all information. Second, a non-formal education facilities, especially for community members who could not get the opportunity of formal education. Third, facilities or places of cultural arts development of the nation, through books or magazines. Fourth, because the diversity of reading materials are kept, the library while providing entertainment for the readers. And fifth, is an important means for supporting a scientific research, as a reference or references.

By the fifth library function,we can see the role of library ,including
second,Being a development institution and cultural interest in reading as well as generating awareness of the importance of lifelong learning.
third,Develop communication between the user and / or with the organizers so as to create collaboration, sharing of knowledge and other scientific communications.
fourth,Motivator, mediator and facilitator for users in an effort to find, utilize and develop knowledge and experience.

Act as an agent of change, development and human culture.

The way of school library is not as smooth as expected. There are some things that often inhibit the function of school libraries

First, the limited library space located next to a less strategic

Second, the limited library materials, both in terms of quantity, variety and quality

Third, the limited number of library staff (librarians). Many school libraries are no officers, or only a sideline job

Fourth, the lack of promotion of the use of the library cause not many students who want to take advantage of library services

Therefore very necessary the role of government in promoting the library because

Books are the bearers of civilization.
Without book the history is silent , literary silence,
science crippled, thought stuck.
Books are engines of change, windows of the world,
Lighthouse anchored in the ocean of time.

book like a drop of water that into the desert . .refreshing our throat from thirsty of ignorance

so,please keep our library

keep our book

and keep our knowledge. .

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Anonim mengatakan...

the person who made this speech is a plagiator! i've ever seen thid speech before!

Anonim mengatakan...

Thanks 4 the speech i will try to memorize it n do it on my classroom

Anonim mengatakan...

bisa buatin pidato tentang ini gk? the importance of library as source of knowledge...

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